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Greyfriars Medical Centre

Dr Bruce Halliday, Dr Dawn Philip, Dr J Glidden Chalmers, Dr Tomas Trueba, Dr Simon Willetts,

 Dr Debbie Swalwell, Dr Erin Barrett, Dr Pira Vivekanandaraja, Dr Matt Starostka.


* Please see IMPORTANT CHANGES that will affect how Patients make an appointment at Greyfriars Medical Centre*

 GP Training Scheme


Usually each year, fully qualified doctors (Registrars) who have worked mainly in hospitals are invited to join the Practice for a period of eighteen months over a three year period in order to gain experience in General Practice. You may, if you wish, make an appointment to see this doctor during normal Surgery times. On occasions, consultations with this doctor may be video-taped for training purposes. You will of course be notified in advance on these occasions and the consultation will be videotaped only with your full written consent.


Patients are welcome to make an appointment to see any of the Registrars in the same way as any of the other Clinician once initial induction training is successfully completed.  Their week is a busy one with regular teaching sessions including tutorials, attendance at various clinics, a weekly half day release post-graduate meeting, alongside the best possible education - working with and listening to patients. 


Video Assessment

Part of the training will be in communication and consulting skills and some patients will be invited  to participate in video recorded consultations.  These are real live surgeries but any patients involved will be given prior notice of them and will be asked to consent to their being video recorded.  If anyone invited would prefer not to be filmed, the camera will be switched off without any hesitation or question and, even if they had originally consented but afterwards changed their minds, any recording will be erased.

The recorded consultations are an extremely useful means of analysing how doctors communicate with their patients.  This gives us an insight as to how we can improve our work and is also an opportunity to assess how well we perform.  As a result, some of the recordings will be used for formal assessment of a Registrar's work.  All recordings will be respected as being confidential and will only ever be viewed by professionals who have committed themselves to fully respect the patient's rights to confidentiality.

Previous registrars (trainees in the old days)


  • Abdullah Ewas

  • Andrew Devaney

  • Claire Campbell

  • Erin Barrett

  • Pranav Kumar

  • Mannan Ahmad

  • Sabarirajan Kannapiran

  • Erin Barrett

  • Shan Mallahiah

  • Cassandra Ritchie

  • Lalitha Papineni

  • Madhavi Guntamukkala

  • Chandra Kanneganti

  • Richard Holmes

  • Mary Butler

  • Cormac Macauley

  • Gerald Baptist (2000)

33 Castle Street

  • Charles Holt

  • Rob Walter

  • Rupert Lui

  • Sarah Elsender

  • Paul Reed

  • Aileen Buchanan

  • Catriona Buchan

  • Andrew Baird

  • Caroline Cormie

  • Keith Grant

  • Lucy Marr

  • Kate Stephen

  • Linda Tulloch

  • Susan Foote

  • David Innes

  • Rena Young

  • John Kennedy

  • Jane Gordon

  • Peter Hutchison (1979)

  • Robin Pearson

  • Jim Thomson

  • Stella Anderson

  • Rod Tweedie

  • Jim Lunny

  • Peter McWatt (1972)

35 George Street

  • Gerald Baptist

  • John Henderson

  • Margo Donnachie

  • Diana Reed

  • Jim Hanrahan

  • Heather Lucas

  • Alexa Barton

  • Diana Westwell

  • Andrew Fox

  • Mike Morris

  • Alec Porteous

  • Fiona Robinson

  • Neil Kennedy

  • Jane Gall

  • Alec McLellan

  • Craig Brown

  • Helen Powell (1978)

List may well be incomplete - if there's anyone out there we've forgotten to include, please accept our apologies and let us know.

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