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Greyfriars Medical Centre

Dr Bruce Halliday, Dr Dawn Philip, Dr J Glidden Chalmers, Dr Tomas Trueba, Dr Simon Willetts,

 Dr Debbie Swalwell, Dr Erin Barrett, Dr Pira Vivekanandaraja, Dr Matt Starostka.


* Please see IMPORTANT CHANGES that will affect how Patients make an appointment at Greyfriars Medical Centre*

GP Trainee ( posted on Aug 30, 2019 )

We are please to welcome our new GP Trainee Dr Catherine Breen who will be with us at the Practice until 11th November 2019.

Signposting ( posted on Jul 8, 2019 )

Signposting will be used to direct Patients to the most appropriate Clinician, to enable the best course of care for every individual.

Dr O'Byrne retiring ( posted on Mar 12, 2019 )

The practice regrets to announce that Dr O'Byrne is retiring from the Practice with immediate effect. We are advertising for a replacment at present.

Weight loss clinic ( posted on Mar 12, 2019 )

The weight loss clinic has had a change of venue and is now held at Greyfriars Medical Centre.

New Advanced Nurse Practitioner ( posted on Mar 12, 2019 )

We are pleased to welcome our new Advanced Nurse Practitioner Kathleen Spencer who started at the Practice on the 11th February 2019.

New GP Partner ( posted on Jul 5, 2018 )

We are very happy to announce that Dr Matt Starostka, who has completed his GP training, will now join Greyfriars Medical Centre as a new Partner from the beginning of August 2018.


GP Trainee Up-date ( posted on Jul 5, 2018 )

We are very sorry to say goodbye to Dr Palwasha Ikram who has finished her training at Greyfriars Medical Centre.  We will miss her but wish her every success in the future.

GP Trainee Update ( posted on Aug 2, 2017 )

We are very pleased to welcome our new GP Trainee, Dr Mhairi McNeill, who will initially be with us until February 2018.


We also welcome back Dr Matt Starostka who continues his GP training with us for a further year.


Unfortunately, we also say goodbye and good luck to Dr Khwaja Moienuddin who starts his career as a GP.  He will be missed but we wish him a very successful future.

New Results Procedure ( posted on Mar 23, 2017 )

With effect from 22.03.17


After you have had a test performed, for example, a blood test, urine test or X-ray, to obtain your result you will need to call our designated result line by dialling:


01387 257752 Option 2


Your Doctor or Nurse will inform you how long after the test has been carried out you should expect the result.  This will usually be around five working days for a blood or urine test, ten working days for an X-ray or scan.  Some blood tests take longer but your Doctor or Nurse will let you know if this is the case.


Your result (or your child’s) will be given to you over the telephone by one of our Admin Team.  Your Doctor will have seen the result and authorised its issue.  In addition to the result, you may be given further advice such as the need to attend for an additional test or an invitation to discuss this result with your Doctor.


The results line is open all afternoon after 1.00 pm, but will not be manned outwith these hours and it is not possible to leave a message.  Please note that results of tests requested by Doctors outwith Greyfriars Medical Centre are not available via this service.


We hope that this new system allows us to convey results in a more efficient manner.  If you wish to discuss the process further, then please do not hesitate to ask the Doctor or Nurse at the time of taking your test.

Weight Loss Clinic - Change of Venue ( posted on Mar 21, 2017 )

From Friday 24th March our Weight Loss Clinic will be held at George Street Hall at 12.00 midday.  This will continue each Friday.

GP Trainee ( posted on Feb 22, 2017 )

We are very pleased to welcome back Dr Palwasha Ikram who is continuing her GP Training at Greyfriars Medical Centre.

New Practice Nurse ( posted on Nov 24, 2016 )

We are very happy to welcome our new Practice Nurse, Caitlin Crosbie.

Reception Renovation and Refurbishment ( posted on Oct 13, 2016 )

We are renovating and refurbishing the Reception area starting the 15th October and this work will take approximately 2-3 weeks to complete.  We are hopeful that all work will take place outside of normal working hours.


We would like to take this opportunity to apologise for any inconvenience this may cause but we will make every effort to ensure that the day to day running of the surgery is not disrupted.  All clinics and services will continue, as normal, throughout this period of work.

New GP ( posted on Sep 6, 2016 )

We are very pleased to announce that we have a new GP, Dr Pira Vivekanandaraja, who joined the practice in August.  He looks forward to consulting with our patients at Greyfriars.

New Practice Nurse ( posted on Sep 6, 2016 )

We are very happy to welcome our new Practice Nurse, Matt Pickstock.

GP Trainees ( posted on Sep 6, 2016 )

Dr Matt Starostka leaves us for now to continue his training, but will be returning to the practice in the future.  We welcome a new GP Trainee, Dr Khwaja Moienuddin, who has recently joined the practice.

Dr Rosanne Falconer ( posted on Mar 1, 2016 )

We are sorry to say goodbye to Dr Rosanne Falconer who left at the end of February to join a practice in Edinburgh.  We wish her good luck and will miss her.

New GP Trainee ( posted on Feb 9, 2016 )

We are very pleased to welcome Dr Matt Starostka who will be with us for 6 months.

Repeat Prescriptions ( posted on Nov 12, 2015 )

Urgent Information Regarding Repeat Prescriptions


You will be unable to request a repeat prescription from:


2.30pm on Tuesday 2nd December until Monday 7th December 2015


This is due to a computer up-grade.


Please ensure you have organised your repeat medication outside of these dates.



Weight Management Clinic ( posted on Aug 25, 2015 )

We will be holding a Weight Management Clinic on Fridays starting 4th September, 2015 between 12.00pm - 1.00pm.


This clinic will be led by Jade McIntyre, NHS Nithsdale, Health Improvement Team.


Weight will be taken individually and confidentially and written on a personal record card to be kept by those attending the clinic.


There will also be a talk each week on, for example, dietary advice, exercise, recipes and lots more.  Jade will be happy to give talks on subjects suggested by those attending the clinic. 


At the end of the talk there will be time for Jade to answer questions from the group or you can speak to her privately.


If you do not wish to stay for the talk, that is fine, you can weigh and go - this is intended to be a very informal and flexible clinic. 

New Social Support Clinic ( posted on Jul 9, 2015 )

Our Doctors and Nurses will be able to refer you to a Social Support Clinic being held at the practice on Wednesday mornings between 9.00 am - 12.00 midday.  Each appointment will last 30 minutes.  This Clinic is being run by Mairead Rowan.


Primarily, this is a service for those patients who are beginning to feel down, for all kinds of reasons, and need help to cope with any worries, stressful feelings, isolation or experiences that they are trying to deal with.


Mairead will help patients to cope with stress, worries and the feeling of low mood.  She will encourage and guide patients to do something positive which can often make all the difference to how they feel.  She will help patients to gain access to things like learning something new, exercise, creative classes, the Men's Shed, reading and much more.  Mairead can also go on home visits to those patients who are housebound or unable to get into the surgery.


An appointment should be booked one week after you have been referred by your Doctor or Nurse.

GP Trainees - Changes ( posted on Jul 9, 2015 )

We will be sorry to say goodbye at the end of July to Dr Abdullah Ewas who will be moving on to start his career as a fully qualified GP (General Practitioner). 


We will also miss Dr Waqas Chaudhary who leaves at the end of July to continue his training in Nottingham.


We wish them both a very successful future.

New Foot Care Clinic ( posted on Jul 9, 2015 )

Recently launched Scottish Government guidance clearly states that personal footcare is no longer the responsibility of NHS Podiatry services.


Many aspects of foot care, such as toenail care, skin care and footwear checking, does not require the Podiatrists’ specialist skills


Greyfriars Medical Centre are now offering a private Foot Care Clinic on Wednesday Afternoons. Appointments will cost £15 and include foot assessment, nail cutting nail filing and attention to rough skin.  This service is for Greyfriars patients only.  Please book an appointment at Reception or by telephone.


Payment to be made at Reception when you check in for your appointment.

We can only accept cash or a cheque.


Extraction of Patient Data to Dumfries & Galloway Royal Infirmary ( posted on Jun 11, 2015 )

Dumfries & Galloway Royal Infirmary are now able to access some data from your medical record at the practice, for example:

  •  Current and repeat prescriptions
  •  Allergies / adverse drug reactions
  •  Operations / procedures undertaken
  •  Immunisations
  •  Blood Pressure

This data sharing will help the hospital staff enormously if you need to attend the hospital routinely or in an emergency.


Confidentiality and the Data Protection Act will be observed at all times.


If you do not wish the practice to share this information with Dumfries & Galloway Royal Infirmary, please let us know


New Service - Booking, Checking, Cancelling Appointments on the Internet ( posted on May 28, 2015 )

You can now book, check and cancel appointments with our Doctors on the internet.  To register for this service please contact the surgery.




We are still offering our automated telephone appointment service.  If you press 5 when the auto-attendant speaks you will go directly to our telephone appointment booking service.

New GP Trainee ( posted on Jan 15, 2015 )

We are pleased to announce the arrival of a new GP Trainee, Dr Waqas Chaudhary, who will be joining us in February for 6 months.

New GP Trainee ( posted on Jul 3, 2014 )

We have a new GP Trainee starting at the practice in August - Dr Kishore Joga - and we welcome him also to our team at Greyfriars Medical Centre.

GP Trainees - Changes ( posted on May 22, 2014 )

We will be sorry to say goodbye at the end of July to Dr Andrew Devaney who will be moving on to start his career as a fully qualified GP (General Practitioner).


We also wish to welcome back Dr Abdullah Ewas who will be with us from August 2014 for 12 months, Dr Palwasha Ikram will also join us from August 2014 for 12 months and Dr Waqas Chaudhary will join us in February 2015 for 6 months.

Gynaecology Clinics ( posted on May 13, 2014 )

Our female GP's, Drs Dawn Philip, Debbie Swalwell and Erin Barrett, are offering a Gynaecology Clinic to all female patients within the practice. Services offered include: contraception advice, incontinence advice, fitting of ring pessaries andÂguidance on HRT. The next 2 clinics will be held onÂ17th June and 2nd JulyÂ2014. When booking your appointment please specify you would like this clinic. All future dates will be advertised within each waiting area and Reception or you can enquire by telephoning the surgery.

NHS 24 New Telephone Number - 111 ( posted on Apr 30, 2014 )

With effect from 29.04.14 the new NHS 24 telephone number is 111.

Automated System for Booking, Checking and Cancelling Appointments ( posted on Feb 13, 2014 )

Greyfriars Medical Centre have introduced a new automated system for booking, checking and cancelling appointments.


It can be used 24 Hours a day.


Dial 01387 257752 and when you hear the recorded message press number 5.


You will need your date of birth and the telephone number we have on record for you.


Appointments will be released daily at 7am and 7pm.

GP Trainees ( posted on Sep 19, 2013 )

Dr Andrew Devaney has returned for a further year at the practice.

Dr Abdullah Ewas has now left but will return in 2014.

GP Retirement / New Partner ( posted on Sep 19, 2013 )

Dr John Neil will be retiring from the practice at the end of September 2013. 

Dr Erin Barrett will become a new Partner in the practice on the 1st October 2013.

Dumfries Health and Social Care Hub ( posted on Jun 26, 2013 )

We are running a 2 year pilot along with Charlotte Surgery where some of our patients will be referred to the Dumfries Hub where there is a Team of:

  • District Nurses
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Physiotherapists
  • Royal Voluntary Service representing the Third Sector (supporting everyone in the community)
  • Short Term Augmented Support Services
  • Social Work Services

This team has a wide range of skills and abilities and will work closely together to specialise in the treatment and support of people in the community.


Your permission will be requested if one of our GP’s wants to refer you to the Dumfries Hub and you will be given an information leaflet regarding this.

Open Phlebotomy Clinic ( posted on Dec 19, 2012 )

The Open Phlebotomy Clinic will now run from 10.00-11.00 am. Patients requiring a blood test or blood presssure check can just walk in no need to book. You will need to report to Reception so that you may be directed where to sit and wait to be called.

Text Reminders ( posted on Aug 17, 2012 )

September 2013 - We use Mjog which sends reminders to mobile telephone numbers 24 hours before an appointment.   If your appointment is no longer required, there is a simple facility to text back the word CANCEL which automatically leaves your appointment free for someone else to use. We are currently requesting all patients to advise the Practice of their current mobile telephone numbers. Greyfriars Medical Centre has a very high level of patients who do not keep their booked appointments and do not let the practice know they are not coming in.  This new system should improve this situation dramatically ensuring precious clinical time is not wasted

New Appointment Cancellation Line ( posted on Aug 17, 2012 )

June 2012 - We now have a dedicated appointment cancellation line where patients can ring direct and leave a voice message to cancel an appointment. As this is an answerphone service there is no need to wait to get through and speak to a telephonist. Appointment Cancellation Tel: 01387 245789
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