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Greyfriars Medical Centre

Dr Bruce Halliday, Dr Dawn Philip, Dr J Glidden Chalmers, Dr Tomas Trueba, Dr Simon Willetts,

 Dr Debbie Swalwell, Dr Erin Barrett, Dr Pira Vivekanandaraja, Dr Matt Starostka.


* Please see IMPORTANT CHANGES that will affect how Patients make an appointment at Greyfriars Medical Centre*

Meet Our Mental Health Team

Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS)


        Elaine Wylie (Clinical Co-ordinator)


Community Mental Health Team Leader


Marie McKeown


Community Psychiatric Nurses


Arlene Currie

Jill Heaton  

Heather Nordkil

Helen Scott


Integrated Alcohol Service


Jeanette Chantler (Specialist Counsellor)




Dr Fraser Gibb (Old Age Psychiatry)

Dr David Hall (Adult Psychiatry)





Dr Mhairi Williams


Primary Care Mental Health Nurse




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